What you need to book a first appointment with me...

In order to book your first appointment together , you will need ONE of the following :

- References from a well established provider ( She must have a website)

- A 100$ deposit by etransfer

If you have a emergency and need to reschedule our appointment , it must be done with a minimum of 48h notice in order to apply your deposit as a credit for our next session. If the cancellation is done less than 48h in advance , I will keep your deposit as cancellation fees.

I am asking for references in order to filter my clientele.. Since I am inviting you into my location, I need to know that I am safe with you and that you'll behave.

We are a very upscale and well established location so we chose our clients very carefully.

We only accept a new client once his screening is complete.

Once you have visited my location, your phone number will be added to my client list and you'll never need to provide a reference to book again. It will also be my pleasure to be your reference if you are on my client list and you wish to book an other provider. 

Please take note that you need to confirm time & date of our appointment before proceeding to transfer deposit. I will not accept any transfer until we both agree on time & date.

Thank you 



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