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II like simple & discreet . Not over the top or too flashy

- Ring size 5

- Bracelet ( Small)

- Necklace (Small)

- Ear rings

Coffee time

- Vanilla latté

Chai Latté

Flowers & Wine

Favorite flowers 

- White Fuji

- White Roses

- White Orchids

Favorite wine


- Light & Fruity

- Germain

- Prosecco

Please take note that I am allergic to all kinds of Melons and the wish list is only here as a suggestion. I will always appreciate a gift. The value doesn't matter. If you really wish to bring something when you visit, please remember that I like simple things and I would enjoy a pair or slippers 10000 times more than a Gucci purse or Louboutin shoes. 




Welcome to my wish list ,

 Since a lot of my wonderful Munchkins like to spoil me with some gifts & asked me to create that list to help you find ideas  and make your life simpler.

Here it is....

Please take note that a gift is never expected...

Wish list

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